Overview dreamKIT

The digital.auto dreamKIT is a proof-of-concept (PoC) hardware, providing a hands-on, physical experience for SDV applications. With the dreamKIT you can try out your digitally developed SDV features on a physical device. Therefore, it allows you to transfer your use case from the virtual exploration phase into the productization phase.

dreamKIT is a candidate for SDV Alliance Integration Blueprint. Check it out the latest COVESA white paper release here

Should you have any specific interest on dreamKIT, please give us feedback here https://forms.office.com/e/BiJcMEhbBy

The digital.auto dreamKIT includes a vehicle computing unit, a central gateway, and a mock-up in-vehicle infotainment touch screen. dreamKIT has CAN and Ethernet interfaces to connect with external devices, that can form a Zonal E/E Architecture network topology.

The dreamKIT is a proven PoC device, which is used in multiple international show cases, as well as in different co-innovation challenges for software engineers.

Feature overview for development, experimentation, and innovation:

  • Seamless integration with playground.digital.auto: SDV applications developed on playground could be deployed to the dreamKIT within seconds, wirelessly using socketIO technology.
  • Built in SDV runtime environment: powered by Eclipse SDV solutions.
  • Ease of customizing and experimenting a zonal EE architecture: dreamKIT has built-in central gateway – which has CAN/ CANFD and Ethernet interfaces - to connect and expand the network topology to different zone controller ECUs
  • Ease of connecting an AUTOSAR embedded ECU: dreamKIT has a SDV runtime environment, that with minimal configuration (via OTA) could recognize and integrate with an external device.

playground to dreamKIT

seamless deployment